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Baofeng DM-5R Plus Two Way Radio Review

Baofeng DM-5R Plus Two Way Radio

Baofeng DM-5R Plus Dual Band Two Way Radio

This is the Baofeng DM-5R Plus Two Way Radio. Take a look to some great features available in this top quality unit.

Baofeng DM-5R Special Features

  • Crystal Clear Sound Quality – This great radio features the latest in digital technology to bring you crisp, clear sound when transmitting and receiving. In addition, while using digital model, with the DM-5R Plus you can be sure that your communication will not be missing.
  • Longer Battery Life – With a high capacity 2000mAh battery and featuring an upgraded power-saving mode, and an upgraded standby feature, the DM-5R Plus will be there when you need it. The DM-5R Plus transmits for a total time of 14 hours on a single charge, and will stay powered on in standby for up to 30 hours on a single charge.
  • Perfect for All – This radio is ideal for teams looking to improve their communication. In addition, featuring 128 channels and high-fidelity audio, the DM-5R Plus ensures that your team can maintain a clear and well organized communication. 

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