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Midland ER310 Emergency Hand Crank Radio Review

Midland ER310 Hand Crank Radio

Midland ER310 Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio

ER310 Emergency Hand Crank Radio Details

The Midland ER310 hand crank radio is built with emergency situations in mind. The hand crank digital weather alert radio and flashlight are perfect for all kinds of severe weather situations or daily use. In addition the NOAA Weather Band radio receiver features all 7 channels bringing you weather forecasts, alerts, and other emergency messages. Additionally, when alerts are received, an audible siren will activate. The flashlight and LCD backlight will flash on and off for 1 minute and the alert is stored for 1 hour. Also this top quality weather radio comes with AM/FM receiver that gives completely access to the news to stay informed or listen to your favorite radios stations. In addition for your private listening use, the Midland ER310 radio comes with an earphone input jack. Finally, the large capacity 2600mAh rechargeable lithium Ion battery that comes with the ER310 power it and will give up to 32 hours in normal use. In addition, the battery may be recharged with the solar panel, Dynamo Crank or by using the mini USB charging cable to attach to a USB Power Source. For more details, reviews, prices or to find great deals available on AMAZON take a look to the following display below.